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The Foucaud's Friction Spray 125ml

R 287.00

La Friction de Foucaud is an energizing body lotion based on essential oils of orange, lemon, thyme, lavender and rosemary.

It was specially designed to be used in friction, a tonic gesture to feel in great shape day after day.

After the shower or the sport, it is applied by friction of the flat of the hand on the muscles and the joints.

The Foucaud Friction provides a unique sensation of tone, freshness and well-being.

This spray, which can be refilled using 250ml or 500ml bottles, has enhanced efficiency thanks to its spraying in the form of microdrops.

Concentrated in essential oils of sweet orange, bitter orange, thyme, lavender, lavandin, lemon and rosemary, Foucaud's Friction combines virtues that are both stimulating and relaxing which provide a feeling of immediate bodily well-being.

Designed in 1946, Foucaud's Friction combines camphor for a warming effect that helps relax muscles and menthol for a freshness that relieves the feeling of stiffness.

Friction de Foucaud helps soothe insect bites thanks to its composition based on menthol (ice cube effect) and essential oils of lavender and lavender with soothing properties.