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Friction Foucaud

THE HISTORY OF Foucaud, Paris

• The flagship product, Friction de Foucaud, was initially thought as an
invigorating body lotion to refresh and protect skin from rash.

• It was quickly adopted by the French Army which spread it around the
world, especially in Africa, Asia as well as in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

• The brand has ever since grown even more popular and now the Foucaud
line, consisting of 10 products, is widely used for its refreshing and
energizing properties in everyday life but also before and after sports and
workout activities.

• In 70 years, the Friction de Foucaud formula has never changed and
combines the traditional know-how of the company with the up-to-date
European standards.

All the formulas are subjected to hypoallergenic controls under dermatological expertise and not tested on animals.
The products are free from parabens and phenoxyethanol.


FOUCAUD's Friction
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